Tanya, Cedella Marley & Diana King drop "Diamonds in the Sun"

Singer-songwriter Tanya Stephens Links Cedella Marley & Diana King for Diamonds in the Sun, from Tad's Record/Jr.Tads.
The veteran female reggae artists have provided a captivating new single, set to "serenade her fans and lovers of good music with great vocals and meaningful lyrics". The tune, meant to highlight the experiences of too many women throughout human history, has already begun to see an increase in airplay on mainstream radio stations.

Stephens described the project as "a conglomeration of all our individual activism. We are three separate and different voices...but it was a comfortable and easy fit." She went on to explain that "the advancement of women, talking about trauma and gender-based violence comes natural. The intention is to foster the dialogue and keep the conversation going until we are comfortable enough discussing the problem to focus on finding solutions."

The song was written by Ronnie Tomlinson, produced by Tad 'Jr. Tads' Dawkins & Tad's Records, and describes some of the struggles of women as they confront the many challenges they face in society. Diamonds in the Sun aims to "emphasize the power of tears symbolized as diamonds, as the artists captivate listeners to evoke their innate power, precious nature, and strength to persevere." The tune further strengthens Tanya's commitment to advocating for female empowerment and the fight against child and sexual abuse.

Diamonds in the Sun is available to download and/or stream globally on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital platforms worldwide courtesy of Tad's Record/Jr.Tads.

Last modified on Saturday, 21 May 2022 10:46


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