Mykal Rose & Bugle Drop "I Give You Love, You Show Me Hate"

Grammy winning artist Mykal Rose teamed up with fellow reggae artist Bugle for his latest release, I Give You Love, You Show Me Hate, produced by Adrian "Donsome" Hanson for Donsome Records. As a former member of the award-winning group Black Uhuru, Rose described the songs origin.
"The inspiration behind the song came from my experience with a former group member. I never showed that guy any form of grudge or spoke any negativity about him. I showed him all love, but he just gave me all the hate so therefore one day I just say imagine I show this guy so much love and all I get is hate. So that’s how I made the song."

While leaving out the name of the person the song was directed toward, he went on to explain how the collaboration came about with both Bugle and Donsome Records.

"Donsome was the person who arranged the collaboration, however Bugle and myself used to meet regularly at Sly Dunbar's studio on Red Hills Road.The chemistry between Donsome and myself is great. He has some great riddims and he knows the music and what’s current. He is an amazing producer."

Rose sang lead on several Black Uhuru tunes from 1977 to 1984, including the album Anthem, which won the first Grammy Award for Best Reggae Recording in 1985.

You can listen to I Give You Love, You Show Me Hate below, available now on all major streaming platforms.


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