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Lando Chill - Madera Canyon EP

Arizona's Lando Chill has already released a follow up to his Mello Music Group debut, For Mark, Your Son, in the form of a free 8-track EP titled Madera Canyon. Embracing live instrumentation on this one Lando enlisted Lasso on keyboard, guitar and sampler, Chris Pierce on bass and Jimmy Borquez on drums & guitar. Recorded and mixed by Lasso at Kent Springs Cabin in Madera Canyon, AZ. Download (email address required)


Lando Chill - Madera Canyon EP "The fidelity of live instrumentation in modern day hip hop has been making a fervent comeback, & being surrounded by some of the most incredible musicians I've ever met, it was only natural to progress toward a higher musicality. Lando Chill (I) have been fortunate enough to play live shows with the band since November of 2014, & since their (our) genesis, we've sculpted live versions of cuts before, after, and from Lando Chill (my) debut album, 'For Mark, Your Son'. I'm proud to present work that is a branch from the growing tree of Lando Chill & represent the core musicians who help the the kid coast."


1. Babel
2. Better Call Jesus
3. Early in The Morning
4. Floating To Nowhere
5. Rock Love
6. Save Me
7. Stay Gold
8. Unusual Betrayals

You can watch Lando Chill's Malcolm Critcher directed video for Save Me below, off the For Mark, Your Son LP from Mello Music Group.

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Download Save Me (Amazon)
Download Save Me (iTunes)

Download For Mark, Your Son (Amazon)
Download For Mark, Your Son (iTunes)

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